Digital Wall
Digital Wall is an animated Live Wallpaper for Android phones that displays falling lines of characters in a Matrix theme. It includes several options to customize to your very own taste such as speed, size, color, subliminal messages and more. Users even have the option to change the framerate to help conserve battery on the device, or even make the wallpaper "fixed" with the home screen so that the characters don't slide with it.

Currently, Digital Wall is still in development where new features are constantly being added, so check out the status to get more info on what's current and what to expect.

Warning: This, and most other, Live Wallpapers will consume a noticable amount of your battery considering it is always running where as other apps only run for the short time that your using them. Performance Settings are provided if you feel that it is using too much battery. Also, the Droid Eris, Samsung Moment, HTC Hero and Slide got the 2.1 update but they DO NOT support Live Wallpapers so please do not leave negative feedback as this is out of my control.

If you are experiencing an issue or you would like to make suggestions for improvements then please visit the feedback page here. Stay tuned for more updates and be on the lookout for other applications produced by Travis Pearson

To use your new live wallpaper after downloading, from the Home Screen of your handset use the following path:

Menu button -> Wallpaper -> Live Wallpaper -> Digital Wall

From there you can preview the wallpaper, adjust options to your liking and finally set it. Enjoy!